Restoration Services


We specialize in commercial and residential emergencies. including leak detection and prevention, water damage restoration and clean-up. We commit to a one hour response time so that immediate action is taken for your property and further damage is prevented. 



Our team can install or remove the most popular flooring options such as: wood, engineered flooring materials, vinyl, tile and carpet in any commercial or residential space.

That might be in your office, hallways, basement, main lobby of a building, or individual units.

basement renovation​


Renovate, restore or get our team to finish your basement so that you can have a great livable space. That can include building a frame, running mechanicals, installing walls, painting, and installing flooring.

For people looking to develop an income property, talk to our team to show you some of the options you have in turning your basement into an income property.

Roof Repairs


Roof repair means the reconstruction or renewal of any part of an existing roof for the purposes of its maintenance. If your roof is between 18-20 years old, you should consider roof repairs.

Roof fixings play a key role in the safety of your home or commercial space. This includes flat roofs, slate roofing, seder or shingles replacement.



Waterproofing is the process of making your commercial building or residential home waterproof or water resistant. In most cases, waterproofing is done to the foundation of the structure, interior basement, exterior basement or foundational structure repairs.


Dry Wall & Framing


Framing is the most important part of all construction work as it determines everything that comes after. We also do residential and commercial framing and repairs.

Combining that with using the right type of drywall is crucial in every project as it affects the subsequent construction. Drywall can offer sound reduction, fireproofing, and waterproofing.


Interior & Exterior Painting


Different paints have different properties, becasue they are made for different purposes.Interior paint is made to be scrubbed, resist staining, and allow cleaning. Exterior paints are made to combat against fading and mildew. We do spray painting, colour matching, brick and siding painting as well.

Popcorn Ceiling & Wallpaper Removal


When we remove popcorn ceilings in commercial and residential spaces we use special equipment that does not leave dust all over your space, leaving you with a smooth ceiling.

We also do wallpaper removal and installation for residential, commercial, and rental buildings.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Need a Quick Service in an Emergency?

If you need some of our services in an rush or an emergency situation, please give us a call at: